Hunting Videos

Watch great boar hunting videos – but beware, wild boars are dangerous beasts.

Feral pigs are considered pest species in many countries, this includes Australia. They breed rapidly and destroy billions of dollars worth of agriculture and live stock each year.

Now more than ever, Australian hunters are trying to hunt down wild boars as fast as possible. However, there are dangers associated with the sport.

Wild boars are extremely dangerous and  very aggressive, if hunters get too close, they’ll charge fast. If a wild boar makes contact with a hunter they can inflict major injuries, if not life threatening. This is because they’ll bite ferociously with there sharp teeth and large tusks.

Below is a list of pig hunting videos, some illustrate great hunts while others show how things can go wrong very fast – its moments like these that you should always carry appropriate first aid kits for either you or your dogs.






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