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girl pulling bowAustralia is a country that is absolutely full of feral pigs. Feral pigs can be found spread along the eastern coasts of New South Wales and Queensland, they also spread far inland and well over the Great Dividing Range that runs up along Australia’s coast line.


The best part about hunting feral boars is that generally, it’s not hard, depending on how much experience you have. This of course means that no matter what your experience, you can have a great time. Hunting gives you the opportunity to get outdoors and see things that most Australians and ‘city dwellers’ never will. Boar Hunting in Australia is a fantastic opportunity and a fantastic reason to visit Aus.


Below, our team at ‘Boar Hunting Australia’ have provided some tips for everyone to make the most of the next hunting trip:


  • Senses: Pigs really do have terrible eyesight. It is because of their terrible eye sight that they’re so close to the ground and therefore often don’t take into account their surroundings. However, pigs are known for a terrific sense of smell and Australian boars are well known for sniffing out threats with their nose. In summary, don’t let a wild boar sniff you out when hunting in Australia.


  • Sleep: Wild boars that you hunt in Australia are more active at night – nocturnal animals. During the night is when they scavenge and eat and therefore they sleep during the day. Therefore, to find feral swine you will want to go hunting in either the early mornings or later at night. If your hunting in a group, it is often good to flush the boars out in order to catch them off guard and get an easier kill.


  • Weather: It is not rocket science to know that wild boars are usually found around water and that they are also not a fan of cold environments. Given that the vast majority of Australia can be bloody hot, it makes hunting boars a little easier. Wetlands and mangroves are often a good region to spot boars and therefore bag a kill. During winter months, boars will often move down from the mountains where it’s too cold and therefore there will be a larger number of pigs in a smaller area – an easier and better hunting experience for all


  • Wind: This is simple – ensure that you always hunt downwind of boars and other animals. All animals have a great sense of smell and therefore, approaching animals from upwind will just waste your time.


  • Time: As we mentioned earlier, wild boars will generally be found around water and they also hate the colder conditions of winter or southern Australia. However, with this information we can quite strategically plan a successful hunt. Therefore, during the winter months, pigs will be concentrated around smaller areas –often around water holes. This works fantastically for anyone wanting a great Australian hunting experience.



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  1. Hi my name is Matt n I’m a pretty keen hunter but with not much experience…
    I have a property which I hunt on near numeralla ( Cooma) it often has pig damage which is quiet substantial and Iv managed to be lucky enough to get a couple of them in the passed
    However lately I never seem to come across them even though there is the most pig damage and sign that Iv ever seen ..
    I’ve layed baits … Tryed to stay in a particular area for long periods of time ….
    Stay quiet and stealthy but still nothing is there any hints or advice u can give me to be more proactive in this area
    Thank you

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