hot bow chick over dead pigGympie Feral Boars in ‘Epidemic proportions’


The feral swine in the Gympie region are in epidemic numbers and continue to grow at a rate of 150% a year, according to Gympie shooting professionals.

At the moment, there are up to $10,000 worth of prizes and soon it is likely that there will be $20,000 by the end of the year, with this kind of incentive hopefully the feral boar plague will be reduced.

The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships are usually held within the Gympie region, generally in the month of October.

This hunt will do important things for the regions:

  1. Exterminate the number of feral boars in the regions; and
  2. Raise money for Australian war veterans.


big tits bow blondeThe removal of the feral boars would benefit local industries and the environment immensely. The hunt raises money to Australian war veterans by supporting the ‘Wandering Warriors’ as a charity initiative, whose member have been in military conflicts dating back over 50 years.


The Wandering Warriors volunteer their time and energy to help run and promote events that both help their cause and benefit the community through feral pest eradication.

It is important to note that the Wandering Warriors have no paid positions and that all proceeds go towards helping wounded veterans and their families.


Representatives from the Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships have stated the the hunting competition provides a much needed control over the 20 plus million feral boars within Australia. Queensland itself is estimated to hold around 7 million feral boars.


This year, the competition is hopeful in getting around 600 competitors involved, each with the option of hunting with either a bow, firearm, or dogs.

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